TwenteFlex Inside Direct Drive
    TwenteflexInside direct drive
    Outside direct driveTwentesideflex
    Twentebelt is the only supplier in the world to offer you
    three drive solutions based on one design principle.

    Smarter, cheaper
    more reliable

    Let us tell you briefly how we made that happen.

    The belt without a weld

    In 2009 we developed a revolutionary belt. The belt without a weld,
    equipped with our patented bended-side finish. The TwenteFlex was born.

    By 2015 the TwenteFlex had become an established name in the industry,
    and we were ready for the next innovation.
    We concluded that ‘all’ we had to do, was create a cage bar to enable direct drive.

    Mind you; we did not want to develop a completely new (and costly) belt.
    Just make some small adjustments to your system, to fit the existing TwenteFlex.

    Lotension and
    inside direct drive

    We believe in adding true value to our market.
    Which is why we don’t just offer you inside direct drive as a copy of an existing system.
    We offer you a solution that is far more affordable and operational within a day or two.

    Meet the third member of our TwenteFlex family: direct drive with your existing drum.
    You can now use one and the same belt for lotension ór inside direct drive.

    Covering all bases

    With the TwenteFlex lotension, TwenteFlex inside direct drive and TwentSideFlex
    (outside direct drive), you can choose the solution that perfectly fits your application.

    From the food to the packaging industry, from greasy to dry products, and from
    hot steam to deep-freeze.

    Recognising opportunities:
    the TwenteSideFlex

    When we set out to develop direct drive, we had the ínside of the belt in mind.
    But as our engineers proceeded, they saw another option: outside direct drive.
    In a better and more affordable manner than existing similar versions.

    Long story short; we launched the TwenteSideFlex in March of this year.
    The industry showed great interest, and several applications are being developed as we speak.