The most intelligent
link in history

    That is quite a statement: ‘The most intelligent link in history’.
    Which is why you should see for yourself. Click below to watch our patented link in action.
    Twentebelt introduces: the TwenteSideFlex.

    Smarter, cheaper
    more reliable

    Keep in mind that what you see:
    Is outside driven, without the need for a big and expensive drum.
    Is more affordable than existing similar versions.
    Runs smoother and more stable than friction conveyor belts.
    Allows for various system layouts (circle, oval, etc.).
    Allows for multiple belts within one system.

    Engineering your competitive advantage

    As a machine builder, you are always interested in a competitive advantage. But with (mostly) Italian builders offering their complete lines outside driven, matching their prices was impossible. Until now. Wim van Faassen, senior Twentebelt engineer: ‘We wanted to create a less expensive and reliable conveyor belt, with outside drive. Those were our goals in engineering the TwenteSideFlex. And judging by the initial reactions, I’d say we did it!’