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Twentebelt, based in the Netherlands, has manufactured metal conveyor belts for over 100 years.
We are happy to assist you with configuring the best belt for your production process.

Metal conveyor belts

Twentebelt manufactures a variety of metal conveyor belts, such as:

  • Wire mesh belts
  • Eyelink belts
  • Spiral belts / Spiral wirelink belt
  • TwenteFlex conveyor belts
  • Special conveyor belts
  • Filter belts / Filter conveyor belts
  • Plate belts / Plate conveyor belts

Eyelink belts

Eyelink belts

Eyelink belts combine a flat, stable surface with the dimensional stability and robustness of metal and are well suited to heavy loads and unstable or fragile products requiring good support. A perfectly straight run is always assured by positive drive with toothed sprockets. A single opening means that eyelink belts are easy to clean. Twentebelt eyelink belts are durable and designed to be flexible.



  • Full eyelinks (DO)
  • Pressed eyelinks (DP)
  • Welded eyelinks (DL)
  • Pressed and welded eyelinks (DPL)
  • Eyelinks with springs (DV)
  • Eyelinks with bushings or washers (DB)


Eyelink belts can be applied in a wide range of processes. As such, Twentebelt produces fryer belts, blancher conveyor belts, pasteurizing conveyor belts and dryer belts.

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Spiral wirelink belts

Spiral wirelink belts

The spiral wirelink belt is the ‘mother of all metal belts’ and has a virtually infinite number of versions and applications, from super-strong (for heavy loads over large widths or very hot products) to very dense weaves for small products, unsorted goods or products requiring stable support. The belts have a perfectly round end, even with a small radius, for a good product transfer to the following stage of the process. From transport in glass furnaces and kilns to decorative dividers in architecture, balanced weave belts provide a solution for the most complex applications.



  • Corrugated wirelink belt (GS)
      Alternately woven left and right for a straight run
  • Straight wirelink (RS)
  • Compound belt (CB)

With additional pins and spirals for a very densely woven belt

  • ‘Rod reinforced’ (RR)

Conveyor belt specifically designed for applications at high temperatures

  • Balanced weave belt (SP)

Woven on one side

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Wire mesh belts

Wire mesh belts

Wire mesh belts have extra large openings and are very well suited to coating processes such as chocolate covering, egg glazing, breading and other applications in which the product should have as little contact with the conveyor belt as possible. This means it is especially suitable for light products. The small radius on the reverse means a good product transfer. Wire mesh belts are flexible in terms of use and specifications.



  • Wire mesh belt with standard S-side (GR-SK)
  • Wire mesh belt with double Z-side (GR-ZK)


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TwenteFlex conveyor belts

TwenteFlex conveyor belt

With its innovative new spiral belt design, TwenteFlex™ conveyor belts are the next step in spiral belt technology. TwenteFlex™ conveyor belts help you focus on food safety while reducing costs of operation, maintenance and cleaning.


  • Full metal – Stainless Steel (TBU)
  • Hybrid version – Stainless Steel and Acetal POM (TBU-P)


TwenteFlex belts are frequently used in spiral installations and are used all over the globe in spiral coolers, spiral freezers and other spiral installations.


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Special conveyor belts

Special conveyor belts

Twentebelt produces a range of special conveyor belts for its clients. Read more about our case studies below and see more examples of our special conveyor belts — such as plate and filter conveyor belts.

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Twentebelt offers a variety of material choices depending on the belt type.

Our team is ready to provide you with advice on the best choice of material for your process and application.

Related conveyor belt products

Twentebelt also produces a variety of related conveyor belt products and components to drive a conveyor belt such as sprockets and rollers:

Sprockets metal conveyor belts

Drive sprockets

Cage roller conveyor belt

Drive roller

Keerwals transportband

Idler roller

Sprockets and rollers are developed and produced by Twentebelt and are intended to guarantee an optimal fit with your chosen Twentebelt conveyor belt.


As we want our clients to use their conveyor belts to their full satisfaction, they can continue to count on our service and expertise after the installation of the belt.

Field services



More information about Twentebelt’s field services can be found on the dedicated service page.

Applications – Industries and processes

Twentebelt manufactures belts that are used in, amongst others, the food industries, the chemical industries, the pharmaceutical industries and the packaging industries.

Food safety
Twentebelt belts are manufactured in compliance with the latest food safety requirements for food processing equipment such as FDA, GMP and 1935/2004/EC and are optimally suited for use in HACCP production environments.

On request we provide our clients with a declaration of conformity with the above mentioned standards.

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