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Twentebelt, based in the Netherlands, has manufactured metal belts for over 100 years and continues
to satisfy clients across the globe by providing reliable and durable belts of the highest quality.



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Learn why our company and conveyor belts are the first choice of leading manufacturers in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and packaging industry.


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Learn more about our conveyor belts and choose what belt type and specification will suit your product, application or process best.


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Twentebelt responds to specific client requests with unique custom solutions that will make the difference!

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Twentebelt’s in-house engineering department is ready to design unique and custom solutions!

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Twentebelt creates high quality belts that combine effectiveness with great efficiency!


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Twentebelt B.V.

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Petroleumhavenstraat 1-3
7553 GS Hengelo OV
The Netherlands

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Petroleumhavenstraat 1-3
7553 GS Hengelo OV
The Netherlands

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+31 (0)74 242 47 05

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