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Eyelink conveyor belts

Durable and designed to be flexible

Eyelink belts combine a flat, stable surface with the dimensional stability and robustness of metal and are well suited to convey heavy loads and unstable or fragile products that require good support from the conveyor belt. Read more below.

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An eyelink conveyor belt for virtually every application

With many types of eyelink belts there is a suitable belt for virtually every application and process.

A few examples of processes that our clients use our high quality eyelink belts for:


  • Drying
  • Washing
  • Baking
  • Cooling
  • Freezing
  • Pasteurizing
  • Cooking
  • Blanching
  • Deep-frying

Features of eyelink conveyor belts

Eyelink conveyor belts have their own specific features. Learn more about three of the key features below.

Single level surface

The single level belt surface excludes a possible ‘tunnel effect’, so products and/or parts will not get entrapped between several layers of the belt.

Excellent air and fluid drainage

The drainage for air and fluids is excellent. This makes sure that the processing circumstances of different zones of the process hardly influence each other.

Solid belts with a long life span

Eyelink belts have a considerably long life span, even when they are used under the heavy conditions of a 24/7 production line.

Eyelink conveyor belts — Available in six types that have their own specific advantages

From eyelink belts with pressed eyelinks to create the smallest opening possible to eyelink belts with springs to guarantee good shock resistance and resistance to lateral forces — Twentebelt has many types of eyelink belts that each have their own specific advantages.

Read more about the different types of eyelink belts that Twentebelt offers below.

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Full eyelinks — type DO

The basic principle of all eyelink belts versions. On a full eyelink belt the eyelinks lie against each other, and the opening is equal to the wire diameter. This type can best be used for products likely to fall, or for applications that require small openings.


Pressed eyelinks — type DP

Some applications require the smallest opening possible. By flattening the eyes of the eyelinks the opening between the links becomes smaller. This type is very appropriate for small and fine-structured products.


Welded eyelinks — type DL

The eyelinks are welded on to an location wire, so that a module is created. Very narrow and very wide openings can be created, depending on the processing of the products concerned. The eyelinks can be set according European or American assembly, depending on the requirements of hygiene.

Pressed and welded eyelinks — type DPL

Some applications require a stable belt in combination with a small opening/drain. The accuracy of our welding process allows us to produce modules with very small intervals between the eyelinks. The modular structure makes the assembly of very broad belts possible.


Eyelinks with springs — type DV

The placement of springs between the eyelinks ensures that they are positioned at regular intervals. The result is a relatively light belt with specific qualities, such as a good shock resistance and resistance to lateral forces. This is important in situations when the conveyor belt is loaded manually and/or laterally.


Eyelinks with bushings or washers — type DB

Bushings or washers are meant to create an opening between the eyelinks. When bushings or washers are added the belts become heavier and more rigid.

End-users and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) rely on Twentebelt

Twentebelt has manufactured metal conveyor belts for over 100 years and continues to satisfy clients across the globe by providing reliable and durable conveyor belts of the highest quality.


If you choose for an eyelink conveyor belt from Twentebelt you are getting the best quality and service.


Food safety

Produced according to the latest food safety requirements such as FDA, GMP en 1935/2004/EC.

Reliable and efficiënt performance

An eyelink belt that is optimized for your process performs better and has less wear and tear.

Service and support

Our team of employees is at your disposal for any questions and comments you may have.

Request an eyelink belt quotation

Requesting a quotation for an eyelink belt is easy. Simply click on the button below to input your specifications and our experienced sales team will get back to you as soon as possible.


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Technical information and downloads

Read the technical information about eyelink belts such as information about the way to tension and adjust a belt correctly. You can also find downloads related to eyelink belts.


Eyelink conveyor belts technical information and downloads »

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