Twentebelt offers first class technical support that you can rely on!

To ensure that conveyor systems operate to our clients absolute satisfaction, Twentebelt offers a variety of premium conveyor belt services. Twentebelt is an innovative company in metal conveyor belts and has over 100 years of experience in producing, installing and maintaining reliable custom belting solutions.

Twentebelt field services

Photo featuring Twentebelt service vanOur field services can help you:

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An overview of our conveyor belt services


Twentebelt offers inspection to ensure the optimal use of conveyor belts. A belt that is installed and maintained properly will perform better and last longer which will save you money. Twentebelt’s experienced field service experts are able to inspect your installation and provide you with a detailed inspection report. Our engineers will also talk you through the results and explain if there are elements that require improvement. Of course, Twentebelt can also assist you with those activities.

Repairs and advice

In case of problems with a conveyor belt, downtime must be reduced to the absolute minimum. Our team is able to quickly and adequately assess the belting difficulties at your convenience. Furthermore, Twentebelt is usually able to troubleshoot and repair the problem on location.

Installation and commissioning of belts

Installing a conveyor belt properly is essential in ensuring a good performance of a conveyor system. Making sure that your belt will be used to its full extent, Twentebelt can install the belt, and / or assist your team in installing it. Twentebelt also offers the commissioning of belts as a service.

Engineering reviews on application

Twentebelt offers engineering reviews on application. Covering a multitude of topics, our reviews can help you assess your installation and identify possible bottlenecks. Of course, the review is custom-made to fit your specific needs. Our conveyor belt experts serve as a trustworthy partner that will work with you to reach optimal results.

Measuring and fitting of belts

Twentebelt’s field service team also offers the measuring and fitting of conveyor belts to ensure the proper installation of belts.

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