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Manufacturers of the most popular beverage brands in the world trust Twentebelt when it comes to reliable and high quality conveyor belts. Whether their process involves transferring beer bottles or feeding cans through a pasteurizing tunnel, Twentebelt is their first choice. Twentebelt conveyor belts are designed to be used in 24/7 production environments and show reliable performance and a long service-life.


Please find more information about the pasteurization process and the conveyor belts Twentebelt produces for those processes below.

Twentebelt - Conveyor belts for the beverage industryFeatured process — Pasteurization

Pasteurization is a process that is commonly used in the beverage industry. The process is named after its inventor, Louis Pasteur. Its aim is to lower the number of micro-organisms to a safe level for human consumption through heat-treating the product with temperatures below 100 °C.   By eliminating the number of micro-organisms, the shelf-life of the product is extended and thus slowers the rate of spoilage.


Products that usually undergo a pasteurization process include:

  • Beer
  • Milk and dairy-based drinks
  • Fruit juices
  • Energy drinks




The difference between pasteurization and sterilization

Pasteurization should not be confused with sterilization. During a sterializion process, that includes heat-treating the product with temperatures above 100 °C, the aim is to eliminate all micro-organisms and bacteria. As sterilizing a product alters the taste of the product this process is used less frequently than pasteurization.

Twentebelt conveyor belts used for pasteurizing processes

Eyelink belt

Eyelink belts combine a flat, stable surface with the dimensional stability and robustness of metal and are well suited to convey heavy loads and unstable or fragile products that require good support from the conveyor belt.


Eyelink belt —  Type DL-LK

Type DL-LK eyelink belts feature eyelinks that are welded on to an location wire, so that a module is created. Very narrow and very wide openings can be created, depending on the processing of the products concerned. The eyelinks can be set according European or American assembly, depending on the requirements of hygiene. By adding plate links, the belt is given more strength. Especially for pasteurization proccesses Twentebelt created plate links that feature a recess allowing the welded underwire to continue through the plate links creating a flat surface that provides good support for cans, bottles and other containers that undergo the process.   The belt can be fitted with special transfer plates which will allow the belt to ascend and descend.


You can see photo’s below of the conveyor belt. The top view of the belt can be viewed on the left while the bottom view of the belt can be viewed on the right.

twentebelt-pasteurization-belt-topExample of top belt
Example of bottom belt

Eyelink belt —  Type Combinox 
Combinox conveyor belts feature a design that combines metal and plastic. Combinox conveyor belts are used in very large pasteurizing installations. Especially when the diameter of the product container, such as a bottle, poses difficulties with ascending or descending the belt the Combinox belt surface is ideal as it can be fitted with special transfer plates that ‘grab’ into the belt.

This makes the transfer phase easy and stable.

Twentebelt Combinox conveyor belt

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