Spiral tower conveyor belts

Conveyor belts for use in spiral coolers, spiral freezers, spiral proofers and more

Manufacturers of the most in-demand spiral installations, such as spiral coolers, spiral freezers, trust Twentebelt when it comes to supplying them with the most reliable and high quality spiral conveyor belts. Whether the spiral tower involves the process of proofing, cooling or freezing, Twentebelt belts generate the best result. Twentebelt conveyor belts are designed to be used in 24/7 production environments and show reliable performance and a long service-life.

Please find more information about the conveyor belts Twentebelt produces for spiral tower applications below.

Photo featuring TwenteFlex belt in bakery applicationFeatured application — Use in spiral tower installations

Spiral tower installations allow companies to make the most efficient use of space in a production facility. Especially when space is limited, these installations can be effectively used as a space-saving solution.


A range of spiral tower applications:

  • Spiral proofers
  • Spiral cookers
  • Spiral coolers
  • Spiral freezers




Spiral tower installations — Best fitted with Twentebelt conveyor belts

Twentebelt conveyor belts are optimally suited for use in these spiral installations. Equipping your installation with a Twentebelt conveyor belt will help you get the best performance of your installation. As our conveyor belts are made from the best materials they have a long service-life and are low in maintenance — saving you costs.

TwenteFlex™ conveyor belts — The first spiral belt without welds

TwenteFlex™ is an innovative designed spiral belt with no welded joints. The links of the TwenteFlex™ are mechanically locked, accomplished by bending the cross rod and its lock into the connection link through 180 degrees. This makes TwenteFlex™ the strongest and most reliable spiral and turncurve conveyor belt for food processing applications.


Available in a full metal and a hybrid version
TwenteFlex™ conveyor belts are available in two versions. A full metal version made of stainless steel and a hybrid version made of stainless steel and modules of Acetal (POM). The hybrid version is ideal for applications where product release is critical or for applications that have specific demands concerning open design and product support.


Image featuring TwenteFlex Full Metal          Image featuring TwenteFlex Hybrid

Example of a TwenteFlex™ Full Metal conveyor belt                                           Example of a TwenteFlex™ Hybrid conveyor belt

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